As All Saints Cathedral Parish we are a natural system. We are a farm. We exist for a purpose. We exist for a mission. We exist for the evangelization of the world. We exist for the salvation of the world. We are the instrument of salvation.

Without this vision, we are a salt that has lost its own saltiness. We are good for nothing.

As a parish we are an organization and without purpose we simply perish and thrown out of existence. An organisation is a group of people joined by and working for a common purpose.

An organisation is to have people to it to exist as organisation. One organisation is the Community Choir. The Community Choir has to have people making it a choir; for it to be called a choir.  People are central to the organisation. The organisation is the people joined together by common purpose.

Level 5 Leadership Pastoral Model is of the conviction that the most important task is that of getting the right people (trustworthy people) on the bus, the wrong people (duplicitous people) off the bus, and the right people in the right seats, and then they will figure out where to drive it to.

The Inside out Pastoral Model puts the people at the centre of the parish. People are the foundation of the organisation. The Constitution of the Catholic Church puts the People of God at the centre of the Church, with the Blessed Trinity as the bedrock foundation of this Church and the Holy Hierarchy at the service of the People of God.

Our primary is that of focusing on the People of God, and making them our first and wildly important priority, structures, processes and procedures are secondary.

Parish Pastoral Council Training – All Saints Cathedral