As a consolation for the sudden departure of the late Pope John Paul I who only spent 32 days in office, and died, God blessed us with Pope John Paul II whose pontificate was almost 26 years of travelling the whole world, bringing the whole world through the perpetual prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christ.

Through this holy instrument forces of oppression in the world came down in countries like Russia, Poland, South Africa and other countries in the world. He blessed us with the pontificate of love and commitment to the Youth of the World.

He strengthened the institution of Marriage and Family and promoted the Gospel of Christ, the Gospel of life and peace. Although his pontificate may have failed to endorse the women ordination, yet Blessed John Paul II lifted up the dignity and the role of women in Church. As he laid to rest in April of 2005, the whole world came to a standstill and observe a moment of silence, while the whole leadership was in Rome for the funeral of the Man of the World, the Father of the whole cosmos, the unifier of the nations.

The whole pontifical leadership is a clay in the hands of the God the Father and the Creator of the world. He designed the pontificate of Benedict XVI as of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in the world. In the spirit of the Selfless Christ, his pontificate is at the service of Reconciliation, Justice and Peace.

In the spirit of St Benedict the Founding Father of the Benedictine Order and the Father of the Western civilisation, the pontificate of Pope Benedict is that of pulling all the people, all the nationalities, all cultures and all traditions to the Lordship of Christ Jesus.

Christ is to be at the heart of the people of the 21st century, all to rise and respond positively to the call of Christ. Christ is calling all of us to the Father’s House. Speaking as a Father to all the children of the 21st century, the call is to all not to let anything ever separate us from the love of Christ.

God is love, and this perennial and permanent love is the foundation and the bedrock of all the people of the universe.

As the unifier of the whole world, he has the super-abundance of the spirit of humility to acknowledge where the Church went wrong and ask pardon to the victims of the Church’s weakness, especially in the abuse of minors by the Church’s personnel. His humility is healing and lifting the world from the pit of anger, frustration and despair, towards a healed and reconciled world with the Father and with one another.

Through his humble and authentic witness to Christ whose consuming and burning desire is to see the whole world reconciled with the Father and with one another, we see our world journeying slowly towards unity in Christ.

As families that make up the Body of Christ at All Saints Cathedral, let us appreciate the gift of Pope Benedict XVI and see God calling us to reconciliation.

Let the Samaritan woman in John chapter four, before we receive this water of salvation leading to eternal life, let us go back to our families, go to every room, especially those rooms that a long closed because the pain was too much to bear, let all those rooms be opened and brought to Christ for forgiveness and healing.

The pontificate of Pope Benedict is the moment of grace, let us all repent as families, as couples, as uncles, aunties, nephews and cousins, brothers and sisters and ask God to help us become his authentic witness of the moment of resurrection and hope as All Saints Cathedral.

Why Benedict XVI