The present Pontiff, Pope Benedict VI has called us from the beginning of this year to celebrate the Year of Faith, which is in accordance with the fact that we as a Church are celebrating the golden Jubilee of the Vatican Two, a period of Spiritual Renewal as the salt of the earth and the light of the nations.

To deepen this year of Faith, we had the most renewing and the most inspiring Easter Celebrations and the number of those who participated was beyond our expectations. It was a period of Resurrection and Hope for us as individuals, as families and as People of God. We thank the Liturgy committee for the best organization of these celebrations.

Following the Easter celebrations, we immersed ourselves into the Parish Mission by the Redemptorist Father Bafana, and it was two weeks of prayer and deep union with our Lord in the spirit of silence and jubilation. We celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation in all the Small Christian communities.

At the end of the Parish Mission it was the dominant positive feeling of all the active participants that when Christ is at the heart of our lives, we experience peace beyond human telling. We are glad to have such spiritual opportunities for our personal holiness and the renewal of our parish.

As the Parish Pastoral Council we had a workshop which 32 members participated facilitated by the Rural Development Support Group from Cape Town. The nature of the parish was presented to all and the role of the Parish Pastoral Council became very clear to all. A commitment was made to take the parish to the next level by the end of 2013.

As a result of the workshop, the Parish Pastoral Council started working on the policy document as a way of furthering clarity and to bring to our focus the first things that need to be done to take the parish to the next level.

We are in the Month of the Diocese, the Month of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven, we will be celebrate the Vigil Mass of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven on the 14th August, and we are calling on all the members of our parish to attend. Most priests of the Diocese will be part of the celebrations. It is through her perpetual intercession that we are going from strength to strength.

On the 15th August we will have Morning Mass at Glen Avent Convent with his lordship Bishop Sipuka being the Presider and all the priests of the diocese as concelebrants. We will have evening Mass at the Cathedral at 5:30pm.

In closing let me take the biblical image of God as the Potter of our Parish, working day and night to shape our parish according to his wonderful vision, and ours as the clay is to allow him to do his will with our lives.

Have the best of the Month of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and for sure with her perpetual prayers God is taking us out of the pit of sin and death into Paradise.  I leave you into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.