– All Saints Parish Parish Council

An Introduction

The Acts of the Apostles presents a Church that is flourishing, growing and making a difference in the lives of the People of God. They People are full of the Holy Spirit. They are full of daring courage and fearlessness even when logic would have pointed out the heavy and bloody persecution that was to follow such enthusiasm.

The power of the Holy Spirit is not only in the midst of the faith-community, but everyone seemed to be drawn into that new life. The Holy Spirit is for all and in all the God-fearing People of God.

The previous spirit of timidity and fear is now replaced with the spirit of power and courage. The source of their strength was an unshakable faith that the Holy Spirit was truly in their midst. They were inspired by the Spirit of Knowledge and wisdom, the spirit of courage and power.

We see a proactive and creative leadership, principled and flexible, so creative that for the social welfare of the People of God, a group of deacons was formed to specifically focused on taking care of the elderly, the weak and the hungry members of the early Church.

It is an effective leadership both courage and sensitive, both prayerful and caring for the needs of the brethren.

Governing Principles of Parish Pastoral Councils