St Paul Parish was established in 1935, under the Diocese of Umtata. It is situated in one of the famous known townships of the Eastern Cape in the former Transkei known as Ngangelizwe.



Parish comprises also of the following sub-parishes:

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–  Tyumbu (St Pius)



–  Mabheleni (Holy Rosary)

– Silverton

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– Orange Groove (St Thomas)


Parish Council

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Parish Council Chairman: Mr. M. Kula
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Parish Council Vice Chairlady: Mrs. N. Gcolotela








































Mass schedules

Every 1st Sunday of the month @ 09H00 – Benediction & Confession @ 10H00 – Holy Mass

Other Sunday Masses are scheduled as follows :

Main Parish i.e. St Paul’s – @ 09H30

Sub-parishes as follows :

• Mabheleni (Holy Rosary) @ 07H30 a.m.

•  Tyumbu (St Pius) @ 11H30 a.m.

•  Silverton (Assumption)

•  Orange Groove (St Thomas)


 • Baptism

• Confirmation

• The Eucharist

• Confession

• The Anointing of the sick

• Holy Orders

• Marriage


1. Liturgy Ministries

• Liturgy Committee :

• Altar Servers :

• Eucharist Ministries – Lay Ministries

• Altar Society Ministries

• Music Ministry

• Liturgy of the word ministries

2. Communication

3. Hospitality

4. Catechism

5. Youth

6. Fund raising


St Anne Sodality

President : Mrs. Mkrwala Secretary : Mrs. Tshingana 0834776546

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St Anne has approximately 54 members The main aim for the St Anne Sodality is “Serve the family, serve the church and serve the community”

Daughters of St Anna Sodality

Parish Chairperson : Miss L. Mgaga

Cell:Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.12.11 PM







Sacred Heart Sodality

Parish President : Ms G. Huna Cell :

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The Sacred Heart Sodality has approximately 65 members. The Sacred Heart Sodality in our parish is actively involved in supporting the needy, visiting the sick and those in prison. Attending workshops and ongoing formation Members are encouraged to the calling of developing a deep relationship with the loving Christ and to take Christ’s love and concern to all people, especially those in need, the poor and the oppressed.

Men’s Union

Parish Chairperson : Mr. Mbokodi

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Men’s Union has approximately 28 members. The Moto of the CMU “Faith, Unity and Service Aims and obligations

– To participate activelty in the local church community

• By making an active part in the liturgical life of parish

St Mary Sodality

Parish President :
Cell :

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Christ The King Sodality

Parish President :

St Francis Sodality

Parish President :
Cell :



217-218 Church Street, Ngangelizwe. PO Box 85, Mthatha 5100.

Tel: (047) 535 0580,

Fax: (047) 535 0580.