The Catholic Diocese of Mthatha has got 23 parishes, under 4 deaneries: Maluti, Central, Eastern and Western deaneries.  Members of sodalities and other groups usually meet once or twice a year…but there is a major setback, We do not have a pastoral centre where they can meet and sleep over.  The idea of building a Pastoral centre came to light in the DPF ( Diocesan Pastoral Forum) in 2012, where St Anne’s, the Youth and other sodalities made a plea that they do not have proper facilities.  It was thoroughly discussed by the Bishop and the clergy that we should construct a Pastoral Centre in St Francis Xavier (Maclear), which is a parish in the centre of our diocese (geographically)…our diocese starts at Port St Johns up to the Maluti mountains.

We met with architects who designed a plan and we liked it.  For the centre to be built, R12 000 000.00 rands is required.  R6 000 000.00 will be taken from the Diocesan savings and  we have asked donors locally and abroad to donate a sum of R3 000 000.00.  We are requesting the people  of our diocese to raise the remaining R3 000 000.00.  Below is a detailed Profile of Project: Maclear



Project: Maclear