Bishop Sipuka Catholic Diocese of Mthatha

Congratulations to Ingwavuma for finally getting a Bishop

After more than 2 years of being without a resident bishop, the Vatican announced the appointment of Fr. Sigfried Jwara as bishop of the Vicariate of Ingwavuma. We rejoice with the Vicariate for finally getting its own chief shepherd. We congratulate and pray for Fr. Jwara who has been called to serve the Church as bishop.

At the same, it is sad that our Diocese is losing Fr. Jwara who over the years has been of so much value to it. His presence and work in the Diocese has been greatly beneficial and appreciated.  He will be missed for his dedicated hard work. His humble, unassuming and wise character that rendered him an effective leader will be greatly missed. For this reason, it is fitting to say that the joy of Ingwavuma is the sorrow of Mthatha, but it is a sweet sorrow because Ingwavuma finally has a bishop, and we are glad to have provided it with one.


Bishop Elect Jwara leaves the Diocese on the 6th of June for Ngwavuma, where he will be preparing for his ordination on the 25th of June. We wish him well and may God bless and guide him as he leads his flock in Ngwavuma.


The Test of Democracy

In the month of April, we commemorated the attainment of freedom in our country. It is interesting that some of the serious concerns in our country, namely, the Nkandla scandal, the Arms deal investigation and the Spy Tapes saga were legally resolved in this month of freedom. While incidences of human rights violation such as violence, poverty, lack of access to education and the perennial indications of corruption are still part of us, one thing we can be grateful for is the supremacy of law and principles that as a country we are beginning to appreciate and live by.

This is something that we must be grateful for and not take it for granted, because in other countries it is not a matter of fact as it is with us.

Ethical conduct

The recent application of law on the behavior of our public leaders calls us to revisit and encourage ethical behavior to the people under our care. In other words, the ethical behavior and accountability that we see being enforced by the law to our public leaders, is something that the ordinary people must also live by. It is not enough for us to condemn leaders who appear to be corrupt, while not helping our people to lead an ethical life. If the concept of the signs of the time is anything to go by, it appears that at this time we are called to pay particular attention to the meaning of ethics and how it applies in our daily lives.


September Message from His Lordship