Four Level of Pastoral Effectiveness

  • Personal Effectiveness in living out our Christian Vocation

The Inside out Approach is of the conviction that it all begins with one Baptised member of the Church. The Kingdom of God starts with one Baptised individual member of the People of God. The Kingdom of God starts within one baptised member of the People of God.

An effective baptised member of the Body of Christ is a trustworthy person. This member is a person of good character, strength or principle based person and a highly competent evangelizer. This member is of proactive mindset, results orientated and of integrity and execution on what matters most in the life of the Parish.

A trustworthy disciple of Christ is the salt of the parish, and as the salt is fully responsible and creative in the building up of the Kingdom of God. A trustworthy disciple of Christ is beyond the pulling dark and cancerous emotions such as anger, fear, doubt and hate and operates from the principle of total love of God and love of neighbour as oneself.

The principle of love of neighbour as a compass enables the trustworthy person to think and practice win-win in relating with other members of the parish. She or he genuinely thinks in terms of enabling and empowering others and sees others as members of the same Body of Christ.

When it comes to communication, she or he is proactive and practices uncommon sense of responsibility in listening with the one motive which is to understand the other persons.

With this deep sense of empathy and genuine interest in other people enables one to create trust with others and to become a team player and creative collaborator.

Personal Conversion

To become trustworthy disciple of Christ, there is a need for the old to be replaced with the new, the old man ought to be replaced with the new man. One ought to break with the old ways of thinking and feeling. The vision of Christ is to internalized. The Principles of Christ ought to be appropriated and personalized.

The old Adam is to be replaced with Christ, the New Man.

The Flourishing Parish